Monday, June 28, 2010

Exhibit Inspired by Letters For My Brothers wins an award!

While working on Letters For My Brothers, co-editor Megan Rohrer, was inspired to create an online exhibit called Man-i-fest: FTM Mentorship in San Francisco from 1976-2009. Today, it was announced that this exhibit was awarded first prize in Out History's Since Stonewall Local Histories Competition. If you live in San Francisco you can also check out the exhibit at the GLBT Historical Society.

Highlighting the power of letters in FTM mentoring, in the exhibit you can see the original letters Lou Sullivan wrote to David. Two of these letters are also published in Letters For My Brothers.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Praise for Letters For My Brothers

Pastor Lura Groen of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Houston, TX calls Letters For My Brothers:

"Delightfully mind-expanding."

Praise for Letters For My Brothers

I found this to be an excellent read. A must for any transman, especially those early in transistion or even just questioning. I found myself wanting to send copies to people that I know. I dislike reading books more than once, but this one I will read and reread. It's like having a big brother on your shelf!

-Shawn Schoen

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Praise for Letters For My Brothers

May these stories serve as a mirror for the men who have gone unrecognized since birth. For there is no greater joy than when the soul finds its own reflection.

Dhillon Khosla, author of Both Sides Now:One Man's Journey Through Womanhood