Friday, June 6, 2014

Pre-Order: With A Day Like Yours Couldn't You Use a Little Grace

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With A Day Like Yours Couldn't You Use a Little Grace: Daily Grace for Diverse People Living in a Complicated World
This book, by our Pastor Megan Rohrer, is for everyone who has been lied to and told that God couldn’t love them. In addition to reminding you that nothing, nothing, nothing can ever separate you God’s love, Pastor Megan Rohrer will also help you learn to accept this gift of grace and love yourself just as you are.

Whether you skim, only pull it out when you have a rough day or a bad breakup, or make readings part of your daily routine for a year, With a Day Like Yours, Couldn’t You Use Some Grace speaks to saints, sinners and everyone in between.   

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You can purchase the whole set or just one book in either regular or large print below. You save $10 if you order all three books at once.  But, please remember Volume 2 will be released in August, Volume 3 in September and Volume 1 in December.  If you buy all three books they will be shipped to you as they become available. 


Bible Study that Doesn't Suck: An Illustrated Retelling of The Gospel According to Mark
This Bible Study, by our Pastor Megan Rohrer, will be available in December.  You can help us get this book printed by pre-ordering your copy now at a reduced rate. 

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