Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bible Stories Excerpt: 3 Corinthians: Megan Rohrer

3 Corinthians // Megan Rohrer

Dear people of Corinth,

Grace, peace and all that stuff I usually write at the beginning of my letters.  I trust this letter finds you well.

Thank you for being so cool about all that unsolicited advice I sent you awhile back.  I was going through a grumpy phase, because I was experiencing a lot of pain from a leg injury.

I am maturing in faith and have come to the conclusion that  God is God, and I am not.  By this, I mean to say that my near-God-experience, gave me a bit of a God complex. Some of my previous letters were written in my false belief that I was better than you.

I have since learned that we all make mistakes in life, love and faith.

Since we last communicated, I discovered that married life is much harder than I imagined.  And, despite my best efforts we divorced and are now seeking to repair our hearts and put our lives back together.  In the midst of my transition, it has occurred to me that I have begun to live into some of the traits I previously judged you for.

I am sorry.

Love is a lot harder than I thought.  I have stumbled and mis-stepped, even when I was acting with the best of intentions.   In my struggles, I learned more about God's patience, redemptive power and forgiveness then I had ever known before.

Instead of listing a laundry list of faults I found in your community, I wish I would have listened more to your pains and the lessons you learned as you reconciled with God and your neighbors.

I hope to visit you soon and share my apologies in person. Until then, feel free to share all my letters with others as a reminder of my arrogance and as a lesson to judge others less.

Thanks again for putting up with my youthful obnoxiousness.

Love in Christ and doing my best,