Thursday, May 24, 2018

Call for Submissions: Our God is an Awkward God

Edited by Megan Rohrer 

Our God is an Awkward God: In Celebration of a God as Wonderfully Strange as We Are is an interfaith collection of writings about the full diversity of the imago dei (image of God), or an appropriate way of supporting the diversity of creation as found in non-theistic faith traditions.  A mixture of narrative, poem, art and other reflections, this book will be like an adult, non-fiction version of Are You There God It's Me, Margaret.

Accepted authors will receive a free copy of the book.  Proceeds from the book will benefit Welcome: A Communal Response to Poverty and authors will have access to purchasing books at cost for their own use or sale.

Deadline for consideration for the first edition: Sept 1, 2018.

How to Contribute to Our God is an Awkward God:

  • Contributors are strongly encouraged to speak about their own uniqueness or strangeness, rather than writing about the diversity of communities that they are not a part of. 
  • Contributors may email before they begin writing, if they have questions about the subject or appropriateness of submissions, or are interested in thematic suggestions or prompts from sacred texts.  Send a short synopsis of your idea and we'll give you feedback.  
  • To Submit: Please send non-fiction contributions that are no more than 20 pages.  Submissions may be scholarly (Chicago formatting please), narrative, interview, poems or art.  For other types of writing please contact the editor about your idea.  Authors may submit more than one submission. Please also include a one paragraph biography in addition to your submission.  All items can be emailed to:
  • First drafts are due September 1st, unless special permission is given by the editors.  If possible, we hope to publish this book before November of 2018.