Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Call for Submissions: Praxis of Aloha

Edited by Megan Rohrer and Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell

The Praxis of Aloha: Living Aloha in Schools, Community and Politics is a transdisciplinary response to the Pedagogy of Aloha.  A mixture of narrative, research, practical application and critical analysis, this collective reflection begins a conversation about what the practice of Aloha looks like in schools, community, and politics.

Accepted authors will receive a free copy of the book.  Proceeds from the book will benefit Welcome: A Communal Response to Poverty and the Homeless Vision Project's work providing free prescription eye glasses in Hawaii.

Deadline for consideration for the first edition: March 15, 2017.

How to Contribute to Praxis of Aloha:

  • Contributors are encouraged to email pastor@gracesf.com before you begin writing.  Send a short synopsis of your idea and we'll give you feedback or let you know if we already have submissions using similar themes.
  • To Submit: Please send non-fiction contributions that are no more than 20 pages.  Submissions may be scholarly (APA formatting please), narrative, interview or poems.  For other types of writing please contact the editors about your idea.  Authors may submit more than one submission. Please also include a one paragraph biography in addition to your submission.  All items can be emailed to: pastor@gracesf.com
  • First drafts are due March 15th, unless special permission is given by the editors.  If possible, we hope to publish this book in November of 2017.