Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Call For Submissions

Locusts and Honey: Resilience and Resistance in Anti-Oppression Ministry and Our Personal Lives

Edited by: Megan Dowdell and Megan Rohrer

In a world where survival requires more than bouncing back from crises and adversity, there lies a dialectic between resilience and resistance among individuals, communities, and religious movements. Written by and geared toward faith leaders, this book places life stressors, safety and health in the context of oppression, white supremacy and religious-cultural history. Its contributors help us to identify the dynamics of stress and resilience and promote cultures of resistance in ministries and activism. A set of reflections on cultural norms and messages, work and relationships, stress and health, and the problems of poverty and policy, this book brings hope to each of us who have ever felt burnt-out or wondered what makes ministry and activism truly livable.

Submissions Due: February 28, 2011

Publisher: Wilgefortis (http://wilgefortisbooks.blogspot.com)

Royalties: 20% of the proceeds will benefit Catalyst Project, a center for political education and movement building based in the San Francisco Bay Area committed to anti-racist work in majority white sections of left social movements (www.collectiveliberation.org). 30% of the proceeds will be divided among the contributors.

Word Count: 500 - 5000 words

Please submit a 1st person essay that describes the lessons of resilience and resistance in your life, ministry and/or activism. How have you bounced back from crises or adversity? Writing should develop readers’ understanding of stress and resilience or cultures of resistance.

Priority will be given to essays that fit the themes of: cultural norms and messages; work and relationships; stress and health; or poverty and policy. Content must be original, true, in English, and in narrative form (or see Diversity Accommodations below). We are looking for essays that are poignant, heartwarming, inspiring, and/or humorous. Unpublished material preferred; some previously published material may be accepted. We will not publish material that has been or will be published in a mass market anthology or widely circulated in a magazine. Manuscripts will not be returned.

Additional materials may also be submitted: (electronic submission preferred) art, audio, video or pictures that illustrate/illuminate your story are welcome and encouraged.

Each submission must include the following:
Author's full and legal name
Author's mailing address
Author's phone number(s)
Author's email address (if applicable)
Story title
Story wordcount (approximate ok)

Choose one of these submission methods:
Email (preferred):
Mail: Megan Rohrer
631 Ofarrell #214
San Francisco CA 94109

Diversity Accommodations Available: In order to represent a full spectrum of voices, submissions do not need to be typed or fully written before they are submitted. If you are interested in working on a submission and would prefer to record your story or work with the editor through an interview story to come up with a story together please contact Megan Rohrer (streetvicar@gmail.com).