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With A Day Like Yours Couldn't You Use a Little Grace: Volume 2: May to August

With A Day Like Yours Couldn't You Use a Little Grace: Daily Grace for Diverse People Living in a Complicated World (a 3 volume book)

This book, by Pastor Megan Rohrer, is for everyone who has been lied to and told that God couldn’t love them. In addition to reminding you that nothing, nothing, nothing can ever separate you God’s love, Pastor Megan Rohrer will also help you learn to accept this gift of grace and love yourself just as you are.

Whether you skim, only pull it out when you have a rough day or a bad breakup, or make readings part of your daily routine for a year, With a Day Like Yours, Couldn’t You Use Some Grace speaks to saints, sinners and everyone in between.   

Purchase your copy today:
You can purchase the whole set or just one book in either regular or large print below. You save $10 if you order all three books at once.  But, please remember Volume 2 will be released in August, Volume 3 in September and Volume 1 in December.  If you buy all three books they will be shipped to you as they become available.

Below is the diverse list of devotions in the 2nd Volume of With A Day Like Yours, Couldn't You Use a Little Grace.  You can also pick a few to preview.

May 1: May Day                                                                        
May 2: Loch Ness Monster Sighting                                      
May 3: First Email SPAM                                                 
May 4: First Grammy Awards                                     
May 5: First Woman Awarded a US Patent                    
May 6: Feast Day of Henry Thoreau                              
May 7: Birthday of Eva PerĂ³n                                     
May 8: Feast Day of Julian of Norwich                  
May 9: FDA Approves Birth Control                           
May 10: Feast Day of Shel Silverstein                      
May 11: Dust Storm Sweeps Across the Plains     
May 12: Birthday of George Carlin                       
May 13: President Polk Declares War on Mexico      
May 14: Feast Day of Rita Hayworth                   
May 15: Birthday of Madeleine Albright          
May 16: First Academy Awards                          
May 17: Brown v. Board of Education Decided         
May 18: Birthday of Tina Fey                                     
May 19: MLK’s Letter From Birmingham Jail Published   
May 20: First Council of Nicaea                           
May 21: US Red Cross Established                              
May 22: Feast Day of Victor Hugo                      
May 23: Feast Day of Bonnie and Clyde                
May 24: Birthday of Maru, a Japanese YouTube Cat       
May 25: Star Wars Released                                    
May 26: Emancipation of Dred Scott                    
May 27: Feast Day of John Calvin                         
May 28: Feast Day of Dr. Maya Angelou                 
May 29: Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus             
May 30: Feast Day of Joan of Arc                          
May 31: Memorial Day                                           

June 1: Feast Day of Karl Niebuhr                        
June 2: Babe Ruth Retires                                         
June 3: Feast Day of St. Kevin                                        
June 4: Birthday of Angelina Jolie                                
June 5: Feast Day of St. Boniface of Mainz               
June 6: D-Day                                                                    
June 7: Mount McKinley Climbed                          
June 8: Feast Day of Satchel Page                            
June 9: Feast Day of Charles Dickens                     
June 10: Benjamin Franklin Flies a Kite                      
June 11: Feast Day of John Wayne                             
June 12: “Tear Down That Wall”                                 
June 13: Miranda Rights Established                   
June 14: Feast Day of June Jordan                      
June 15: Feast Day of St. Alice                               
June 16: First Roller Coaster in the US Built          
June 17: Arrival of the Statue of Liberty                  
June 18: War of 1812 Begins                                  
June 19: Juneteenth                                                 
June 20: Jaws Released                                           
June 21: US Constitution Ratified                                  
June 22: FDR Signs the GI Bill                                  
June 23: Feast Day of St. Joseph Cafasso                   
June 24: US Air Force Reports on Roswell               
June 25: Battle of Little Big Horn                              
June 26: Feast Day of St. David                              
June 27: TransMarch                                     
June 28: Dyke March                                  
June 29: Gay Pride                                  
June 30: Gone With the Wind Published         

July 1: Feast Day of Junipero Serra                        
July 2: Johnson Signs the Civil Rights Act             
July 3: Feast Day of Andy Griffith                             
July 4: US Declares Independence                              
July 5: Bikini Introduced                                              
July 6: Althea Gibson Wins Wimbledon                 
July 7: Building the Hoover Dam Begins                     
July 8: Feast Day of Betty Ford                                    
July 9: Donkey Kong is Released                                 
July 10: Scopes “Monkey Trial” Begins                      
July 11: Alexander Hamilton Killed in a Dual             
July 12: Geraldine Ferraro Named Vice Presidential Candidate
July 13: Feast Day of Frida Kahlo                       
July 14: Feast Day of Billy the Kid                    
July 15: Feast Day of Gianni Versace                 
July 16: Birthday of Ida B. Wells                        
July 17: Disneyland Opens                                  
July 18: Feast Day of Carvaggio                             
July 19: Rosetta Stone Found                            
July 20: First Walk on the Moon                     
July 21: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is Published                                                              
July 22: Rat Catcher’s Day                                            
July 23: Feast Day of Sally Ride                              
July 24: Machu Picchu “Discovered”                      
July 25: World’s First Test Tube Baby Born             
July 26: US Postal System Established                
July 27: US House Begins the Impeachment of Nixon      
July 28: 14th Amendment Adopted                   
July 29: Charles and Diana Wed                           
July 30: Medicare Signed Into Law                     
July 31: Feast Day of Gore Vidal                      

August 1: MTV Begins Broadcasting                    
August 2: JFK Saves His Crew                                
August 3: Remembering the Disappeared                 
August 4: Anne Frank Captured                           
August 5: Houdini Survives 91 Minutes Underwater       
August 6: Hiroshima Bombed                             
August 7: Feast Day of Peter Jennings                   
August 8: Nixon Resigns                                       
August 9: Feast Day of Bernie Mac                       
August 10: Regan Signs the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 
August 11: Federal Prisoners Land on Alcatraz            
August 12: Feast Day of Merv Griffin                             
August 13: Germany is Divided                                    
August 14: Feast Day of William Randolph Hearst       
August 15: Woodstock Opens                          
August 16: Gold Discovered in the Yukon         
August 17: Michael Phelps Wins 8th Gold Medal        
August 18: Birthday of Patrick Swayze                 
August 19: End of the Iraq War                            
August 20: Birthday of Paul Tillich                        
August 21: The Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist Appear at the Knock Shrine     August 22: Birthday of Valerie Harper                        
August 23: Fannie Farmer Opens Cooking School    
August 24: Mt. Vesuvius Erupts                             
August 25: The Great Moon Hoax                        
August 26: Beginning of the Holocaust                       
August 27: Charles and Diana Divorce                 
August 28: Feast Day of Melvin Schwartz               
August 29: Hurricane Katrina Hits New Orleans        
August 30: Thurgood Marshall Confirmed as Supreme Court Justice                                                                   
August 31: Lech Walesa Strike Wins                          

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