Monday, February 22, 2016

The Children's Crumbs, by Megan Rohrer  is Wilgefortis' fourth book in the Good News Children's Book Series (books for for reconciling congregations and diverse families).  This 10 page children's book is currently available as an ebook on Amazon and will be available in print in 4-5 weeks.

This books begins by talking about the Bible Story where dogs eat the crumbs of children and talks about ways that we can care for dogs, cats and hungry people near and abroad.
Pastor Megan Rohrer has worked with the homeless and hungry in San Francisco for 14 years and currently services as the pastor of Grace Lutheran church.  Sometimes when dogs come to the communion rail Pastor Megan reminds them that God loves them and that they can have the crumbs of the bread enjoyed by the children of God.

a Wilgefortis book 4 kids

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