Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What To Wear to Church: Good News Children's Book: Megan Rohrer

 What to Wear to Church, by Megan Rohrer and Illustrated by Daren Drda is Wilgefortis' first book in the Good News Children's Book Series (books for for reconciling congregations and diverse families).  This 6 page children's book is currently available as an ebook on Amazon and will be available in board bound print copies in 4-5 weeks.

Written by Pastor Megan Rohrer, of Grace Lutheran Church, the book reminds all children that no matter what clothes they wear God will always love them.  The first openly transgender pastor ordained in the Lutheran church, Pastor Megan wanted children to know that God loves them in their pjs, princess dress and super hero outfits.  And when loving parents and grandparents ask them to wear a special outfit to church, God loves them then too.

Inspired by Pastor Megan's grandmother, Darrin Drda's illustrations bring life to this loving story.

Purchase the paperback for a discount from Grace Lutheran Church:

a Wilgefortis book 4 kids

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