Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Parable of the Succulent: Good News Children's Books: Megan Rohrer

The Parable of the Succulent, by Megan Rohrer  is Wilgefortis' third book in the Good News Children's Book Series (books for for reconciling congregations and diverse families).  This 13 page children's book is currently available as an ebook on Amazon and will be available in print in 4-5 weeks.
This books begins by sharing Jesus' parable of good soil.  It goes on to teach children that, just as a succulant can grow in the dessert, God can still loves them even when they misbehave.
Pastor Megan Rohrer wrote this book in honor of a beautiful seven year old boy who believed the pastor who told him that if he was bad he would go to hell.  The seven year old responded by trying to kill himself before he was so bad that God wouldn't let him go to heaven.   After meeting this boy, Pastor Megan knew that all children needed to know that God could love them no matter what.

The idea for the Parable of the Succulents came to Pastor Megan while working in the succulent labyrinth garden in the front yard of Grace Lutheran Church in San Francisco, where they currently serve as pastor.

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